Sweet 16 Food Truck party & Teen Food Truck Party Ideas

Posted on 12/05/2020 by Tammie Nolte, Big Fat Writer

Bringing a food truck to the party could be the answer to surprise a demanding teen crowd. Teens can be infamous for being picky eaters and wanting to impress their friend squad. What are some ideas to please Sweet 16 or any teens?

  • Surprising a teen can be impossible or even worrisome. That’s why bringing in a food truck is a great idea to add cool factor and flavor to your party. Maybe get the teens friends involved in picking out food ideas and decorations. Get inspired together, match the yummy food to cute trucks and a clever teen theme.

    Sweet 16 Food Truck party & Teen Food Truck Party Ideas

    To make your food truck party a must-attend event, think about fun themes that fit with a food truck.

    • Country barnyard with a BBQ food truck.
    • Day of the Dead make up with a taco truck or nacho truck.
    • Hollywood Drive-in movie night with a burger food truck or fries and popcorn.
    • Japan Anime with a sushi bowl truck.
    • New York City with a pizza truck or hot dog truck.
    • Mardi Gras with Cajun/Creole eats like gumbo, shrimp po boys and beignets.
    • Winter Wonderland with warm snacks from a grilling food truck or soup truck.
    • Be Kind to Animals party with plant-based treats from a vegan specialty truck.
    • Sports theme with a truck serving stadium food like Frito pie, cotton candy, lemonade.
    • Karaoke night with Asian noodles and rice food truck.



    Find a location that is possible for a food truck parking and serving. If you don’t have a giant yard, then you may have to be creative. Food trucks may need a permit depending on the city and regulations. Some options to look for outside the city are a park, parking lot, garage, barn, open field, beach or lake.

    It may be necessary to rent a spot and pay for a day permit for the food truck to grease the wheels and get this party off to a good start. Because food truckers are party people, the food truck owner will have some ideas on a venue, too.


    Food truck catering starts at $10 per person and up. Most trucks have a minimum fee for showing up. Costs run higher the longer the truck serves food. Depending on your budget, you may need to find one truck that can do appetizers, main menu and dessert. If budget isn’t an issue, then having multiple trucks give your teens a choice. Each truck would still have a minimum for attending.


    Have a look at FoodTruckBooking listing for food trucks to give you inspiration for what’s happening in your city. If you can’t find a truck or don’t have time, then use our “Post a party” button. Create a request for free and we’ll send it out to our network.


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