What is a food truck?

A food truck is a mobile restaurant on wheels. A few years back, food trucks were mostly found on city streets. But now these portable kitchens are rolling into catering events, corporate parties, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and even in your backyard.

  • Other names for food trucks

    Maybe you have heard a few of these:

    food trailer, food van, food service truck,
    food wagon, chuckwagon, lunch wagon,
    mobile kitchen, mobile canteen, rolling kitchen, portable kitchen,
    catering truck, breakfast truck, lunch truck, snack truck, break truck, taco truck
    snack bar, kebab trailer, bar car, street food
    food stall, food cab, food tram, food lorry

    And some less flattering nicknames like:
    dog wagon, cookshack, roach coach, street meat and gut truck.

  • Traditional Texas burgers to rainbow Belgian waffels

    What most food trucks have in common is preparing their menu with passion and care and the finding value in making enjoyable, delicious, food and drinks for their customers.

    At you can find everything for traditional burgers to rainbow waffles. Compare food trucks from the Netherlands and Belgium according to price, region, reviews and style of cooking. Also see what's trending, like vegetarian, vegan and organic choices. Or discover the next odd and wonderful festival food on a stick.

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