Tips for the best food truck profile

Yeeha! Your food truck is on FoodtruckBooking or you wish it was. Start here for tips to build the best profile page. We're working together to make sure you receive even more cool assignments. We show and tell customers about your food truck. Your job is to create a beautiful profile page. Use our experience and tips for more frequent bookings of your food truck.

  • Food Truck Photography

    Food trucks look great as background pictures in weddings, parties and on Instagram. An awesome cover photo is everything and you need to look awesomely clickable.

    Photos are how you promote your food truck.The most important subjects are in the name: your food and your truck. The people in and around your food truck are a close third.

  • Checklist & tips for your profile photos

    • Food truck: Get close. Get far. Get high and low. Get inside. With people. Without people. Serve food. Stand in front.
    • The food: Use a good mix of close-ups, cooking, serving. People eating your food. Smiling and holding your food.
    • Atmosphere: Use decorations to set the scene. Chalkboards, string lights, flags, your menu, your logo, your name. Think colors. Smoke. Fire. Cute tables. Old chairs. Things that capture your atmosphere.
    • Natural light: Use bright daylight. Sun behind you beaming on your food and truck. All cameras work better in daylight. Filters can fix lighting and colors. Dark photos are hard to fix.
    • Good camera: Use your smart phones to capture lots of moments. Phone cameras are easy and in your hand most of the time. Trade food with a photographer or pay toget some fabulous shots to use all year, all the time.
    • Setting: Park your truck a beautiful spot. In a field, on the water, at sunset, on the beach. For lively photos, use parties, weddings, festivals. Ask your guest for permission or for their best pics.

    Find more inspiration on Pinterest.

  • Introductions and inspiration

    With fabulous pics, people will start clicking to read about your food truck. Cute trucks and pictures need to make delicious food, too. The text on your profile page gives the final nudge to book. Tell the story behind your food truck, the concept, the inspiration, the passion for your food and other bits about your bites.

    Starter questions to spice up your profile:

    1. Why did you start your food truck?
    2. What's the inspiration and passion behind your food?
    3. What's special about your ingredients? Local, organic, vegatarian, quality?
    4. What can your food truck add to an event?
    5. Who helps run your truck? What's great about your staff & service?
    6. Explain the costs as related to care, quality, time going into your food preparation.

    You do not have to write a novel. Around 250 words should be enough. Use your food truck name and food words to help people find you when using our search function.

    Food safety certification

    Your profile shows how you take the food trucklife seriously. You are the best person for the job. To reinforce this message, you can indicate which certificates or courses you have completed for restaurant preparations or health and food safety.

    Reviews for your business

    Reviews are likely to convince a potential customer. Make an effort to collect reviews. When you finish an event, send a link to the event organizer along with the final invoice to add a food truck review. We post the top rated food trucks a few times a year.

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