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There are currently a lot of food trucks operating in the Netherlands. And of course every food trucker wants maximum attention for his food truck. Instead of dull food, they serve dishes or snack prepared with passion. But how can you get that attention? And how can you ensure that your food truck is regularly rented by paying customers? The members of receive more than 1500 direct bookings annually! In addition to these bookings, there were over 760 General Requests from organizations  that wanted to rent 1 or more food trucks.

  • How do you receive your food truck assignments?

    At you can receive assignments in two ways.

    • Direct Booking
      This is an assignment intended specifically for your food truck. A potential customer has sent a request for quotation or booked you immediately via the "Book this food truck" button. You will receive this form directly in your mail box with the subject: New booking for.
      The speed and way in which you respond leaves a good impression of your business. This places you in direct contact with your customer.

    • General Request
      These are assignments placed by private individuals or organizations who are looking for 1 or more food trucks for an event. These General Requests are listed on the website and vary from large public events to small private catering.

      All food truck colleagues with a Pro Account can respond to these requests. The person/organization who has issued the request will list the categories of the type of food truck that they are looking for. If you match this category, you will receive a notification in your mail box with the subject. If this is interesting for you, then you can respond and you will be in direct contact with the potential customer. You can discuss the details directly.

      Be warned! Do not take too long to respond if you really want to take part, other colleagues might beat you to it and snap up the assignment.

    How do you receive your food truck assignments?
  • The benefits of

    • Your own profile page places you in direct contact with the customer without the intervention of third parties
    • You can benefit from professional online marketing campaigns developed by specialists
    • Free access to our network of event organizers and booking organizations
    • You will be brought to the attention of large EVENT ORGANIZERS
    • Inform your customers about your current location via the platform
    • Respond to general food truck requests/events
    • You will receive a newsletter about the developments in food trucks, Tips & Tricks and surprising dishes. This means that you will always be informed about the latest news
    • does NOT charge revenue-based fees
    • You can choose between a Basic Account or a Pro Account. (Read about the differences HERE)
    • Whenever a request is posted for your food truck, you will receive a request form with the customer's contact details and you can discuss all the details with him/her directly.

    Would you like to benefit from professional marketing and publicity?
    Register your food truck on
    Create an account HERE.

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