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Start a food truck

Street food lovers are queuing up for it. There are already more than 4000 food trucks in the USA and this number is still growing and the end is not in sight yet. This is the leading trend in recent years: Food trucks!

More food truck festivals are organized in the summer than dance festivals. There are prizes for the best, most beautiful and most original food truck. Mobile kitchens offering a large variety of dishes. Although even the humble burgers are increasingly being served from fancier food trucks, there is a trend of growing numbers of original and exotic dishes and concepts.

Forbes thinks that this development is due to the slow growth of the economy. However, "food" has been a major focus in recent years. Think of all the TV programs, cooking studios, food bloggers and magazines related to cooking and eating. People are looking for unusual and well-prepared meals and increasing numbers of people are venturing into the kitchen to learn how to cook.

The film CHEF also contributed to this: "follow your passion and find your freedom". And that often results in a person starting a food truck. Starting a food truck looks easy. In addition, the start-up costs of a food truck are usually lower than the costs of starting a restaurant. The mobile nature of your food truck means that you can travel to the people, instead of them having to travel to you at that one location in that village or city. Above all, it looks like a simple way to earn good money.

  • If you are considering starting a food truck, then would like to give you some food for thought:

    • Would a food truck be a "side business" for you or your only source of income?
    • How much time are you able to invest in your business?
    • What type of concept would you like to bring to the market?
    • Do you have a business plan with projected earnings?
    • How much money do you have to invest?
    • How high does your revenue need to be to earn a living?
    • Are you a hobby cook or a professional chef?

    As is the case with many popular trends, food trucks are a well-established phenomenon. In America, for example, the first "food trucks" - usually handcarts - were selling ready-to-eat foods on the streets of New York as early as 1691. The first real food trucks appeared around 1850.

    Start a food truck
  • Food trucks
    Food trucks are in fact mobile hospitality services and great for catering. Serving dishes, snacks or drinks - sometimes prepared in advance, usually prepared on site - at varying locations ina vehicle with all the facilitiesrequired to prepare and serve the dishes. It is fun to watch the "chef" at work and the chef loves watching his customers enjoy his food.

    Traditional food trucks often serve sandwiches, tacos, hamburgers, pizza and other common lunch snacks. The range on offer is diversifying, to include vegetarian, organic and vegan dishes, but also - perhaps less healthy - barbecue ribs and pulled pork. Asian, Italian, American: mention a specific cuisine and the relevant finger foods and you will find them in a food truck.
    A real food truck also enables you to bring along a generous stock of ingredients and prepared products, allowing you to prepare a lot of servings in one day.

    Start a food truck
  • Can you take the heat?

    Derived from the saying: "If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen!"
    Although it looks easy, running a food truck is hard work.
    Most owners of mobile kitchens follow a strict routine.

    • Updating your bookings
    • Getting up early every day to buy produce for upcoming events
    • Checking whether the location is suitable for work and whether all the amenities are present
    • Preparing the dishes
    • Maintaining the truck and the equipment
    • Finding customers: Publicity and maintaining your network
    • You will often work more than 10 hours per day
    • Manage accounts, pay taxes and bills, renew licenses
    • And don't forget the need to clean your truck after each job, because you need to meet all food safety and hygiene requirements.

    Can you take the heat?
  • The food truck menu

    What's on the menu? Drawing up a menu is fun, but there are a lot of factors that you need to take into consideration. Here are a few:

    • What am I good at preparing?
    • Which dishes are popular and how can I distinguish myself?
    • Which ingredients are easily obtained from a wholesaler, or in your neighborhood?
    • Which food is easy to transport and easy to store in a food truck?
    • What can you prepare and/or heat without much effort?
    • What type of food suits your level of culinary expertise or can you try creative new recipes?
    • Which dishes or snacks are easy to serve on the street?
    • Which dishes are potentially profitable?
    • Which dishes are not sold by your competitors?
    • Are you going to specialize in one or two dishes, or are you going to offer a more extensive menu (remember that you will need to have everything in stock).

    The next step:

    • Test your dishes by serving them to family and friends.
    • Do not be afraid of criticism. It is better to receive criticism from family than from paying customers;
    • As soon as you have found a few favorite dishes, practice until you have perfected the recipes.
    • Write these recipes down for future use.
    • Next: try a number of variations on a theme.
    • Do not start with dishes that you have not tested thoroughly.

    If you are going to put something on the menu, it needs to meet the following requirements:

    • Easy to make repeatedly in large quantities
    • Always tastes good, you can deliver consistent quality and flavor
    • Easy to serve

    Motto:A good customer does not complain, he takes his business elsewhere!

    The food truck menu
  • Start-up costs

    There is no set formula to determine how much it costs to start a food truck. There is a lot to choose from and there are many options. Obviously one type of food truck will cost less than another. Take into consideration the following costs:

    • Buying a food truck
    • Converting a food truck
    • Installing a kitchen
    • Stickers on food truck
    • Road tax
    • Insurance
    • Creating a corporate identity
    • Promotion costs
    • Obtaining required certificates

    The costs are usually much lower than starting a restaurant in a fixed location. You need to budget carefully before you begin.

    Start-up costs
  • Appearance

    Think of your "brand" and the style of your food truck. What is the name of your food truck, your concept or the theme of your dishes? This means that you need to implement the theme and/or name consistently on all your materials: the appearance of the truck, the menu and other accessories to present your dishes in a festive and tasty manner.

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