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1000s of unique visitors a month are hard to find in real life and online. FoodTruckBooking invests in online marketing to generate extra traffic on a daily basis to encourage more events, assignments and bookings.  


  • Investing in your food truck business  

    Generating more business and keeping costs as low as possible for the food truck owners are the main goals of our business. Posting a food truck profile costs as little as $9.90 a month with no other additional costs. Just one decent catering gig will pay for the annual subscription to FoodtruckBooking. Definitely worth the investment.

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    When a new assignment is posted for your food truck, you will receive an application form with the potential customer's contact details. Then, you can swiftly make contact to discuss all the details.

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    Investing in your food truck business  
  • Select a subcription plan that fits you best

  •   Basic Pro
    Extensive profile page
    Own admin environment
    Add unlimited categories
    Add your logo
    Respond to bookings
    Number of menus 1 3
    Number of photos 3 20
    Number of videos 5
    Manage availability
    Respond to open requests
    Respond to newly received requests
    Highlighted profile
    Your profile will regularly appear in the "Highlighted" section on various pages
    Top Truck
    Be listed on the home page as a Top Truck and benefit from the relevant promotion via the website and Social Media
    Duration 1 year 1 year
    Price per 12 months $139.00 $119.00 $239.00 $199.00
    Price total $119.00 $199.00
  • activities

    • Work with the largest internet publishers
    • Display banner campaigns on internet
    • Setup Search Engine Advertising (SEA) campaigns for food trucks
    • Set up Search Engine Optimalization (SEO) for your unique profile on your food truck page.
    • Proactively approach media and organizations throughout the US (locally, regionally and nationally) to get attention for the food trucks available via

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Food Dealer

Food Dealer
General | Austin

Food Deler is wheeling around tradition of the smoky southern 'q and bringing to Austin. This food truck's smokin' up top quality meats and servin' th...

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