What's the cost to hire a food truck?

Food trucks can to spice up an event and add a splash of color and flavor to the party. But what does is cost to hire a food truck? FoodtruckBooking gives a run down on what to expect.

  • What can you expect for your money?

    Food trucks charge depending on the type of event, type of food, the number of guests, the number of servings, travel and extra requests. You will always have a custom quote specific for your event.

    When determining your budget, remember “you get what you pay for.” Food trucks are not international fast food restaurants on wheels. Food trucks don’t prepare supermarket frozen pizzas.

    When you hire a food truck, you should expect quality fresh ingredients, professionally prepared within a reasonable amount of time. Expect to pay more for quality, ingredients and time, but food trucks tend to be less expensive than traditional catering services.

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    What can you expect for your money?
  • Is there a minimum?

    The minimum price for hiring a food truck for catering usually starts at $500 plus tax and usually includes:

    • Food price per serving x the number of people
    • Labor / preparation time
    • Travel expenses

    Prices vary significantly depending on all the above and special ingredients or special dates like Christmas, New Year’s or other holiday or busy summer dates.

    Is there a minimum?
  • Average price of food truck catering

    Compare food costs and other fees on all of our food trucks’ profile pages. “Price per person" gives an idea of the average costs based on the number of guests. Most food truckers have a minimum price and require a guaranteed income so they can operate at a profit.

  • Price per person

    A food truck’s space is limited and every inch counts. Preparing the menu for more than 300 guests needs some consideration and preparation. A single food truck can serve approximately 60 to 100 guests per hour.

    Rarely will food trucks show up for 10 people and $100 worth of business. But covering the minimum fee could get an exclusive private party food truck, even if it’s just for 10 friends.

    To make sure you are on the same page, ask the food truck for a non-binding quote to see what is possible within the determined budget.

  • Fees for festivals and large events

    If inviting several food trucks to a larger event or festival, it’s possible to ask food trucks for various fees. Some festivals ask for:

    • an event fee
    • space rental
    • electricity and water fee
    • overnight security fee
    • percentage of the revenue.

    All of these fees make it difficult for food trucks to make a profit and easy to say no.

    If searching for food trucks for a large event, it’s best to have information to share on previous events, anticipated revenues and crowd size. Each food truck owner can decide to participate based on the potential profits. Being generous with information and profit sharing with fewer fees will make it easier to say yes.

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