Starter kit for Food Trucks

If you think about starting a Food Truck, then you've come to the right place! We have put together a starter kit for new Food Truckers to help you on your way and to guide you through the first months as a Food Truck owner. In our starter kit, you will find various tips & tricks to make your Food Truck the shining star. Administrative tasks should not be overlooked, and these are, of course, discussed in the starter kit.

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    Before you, as a Food Truck owner, can land your first order, there are several requirements that you must meet. For example, register in the trade register at the Chamber of Commerce and obtain the necessary certificates. Besides this, make a clear overview of the finances, especially the budgeted costs and revenues of your Food Truck. How this all works is explained in detail in our starter kit.

    What your Food Truck will look like, what you will call your Food Truck, and what will be on the menu of your Food Truck are very important topics that you, as the brand new owner of your new Food Truck, should think about. We are happy to help with this by giving some useful tips. The appearance of your Food Truck and the name will definitely stick in people's minds if it is original. Be sure to take the time to think about this before you take the plunge.

    Useful tips
  • Promoting your FoodTruck

    In addition, you must conquer your place within the Food Truck market. The promotion of your Food Truck should therefore certainly not be missed. You can do this in many ways, such as by creating a profile on FoodTruckBooking, creating accounts on various social media channels, or through word-of-mouth advertising. You will also find many useful tips in our starter kit for promoting your FoodTruck.

    Have you been a Food Truck owner for some time, but do you want to take your Food Truck to a higher level? There are some interesting topics for you as well, such as how you can keep your Food Truck business running during the low season and how you can make your Food Truck more sustainable.

    If there are any questions after going through the starter kit, we are always open to answering them!

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