Low Season Food Truck Tips

Posted on 11/26/2020 by Tammie Nolte, Big Fat Writer

The summer of 2020 was complicated and slower than usual for many food trucks. During the off-season and winter months, food trucks often have time to prepare for next season. How can you maintain an income during the what is normally down time?

  • Food trucks have the advantage of being mobile and working outdoors which can be a big advantage for the next several months. FoodTruckBooking has chased down some tips to prepare for any upcoming business in the off season, low season or any season.


    Low Season Food Truck Tips
  • Low Season Food Truck Tips
  • Be Ready to Go

    Winter usually means fewer private parties, street food events, festivals or business lunches. But people still need to eat and many are tired of cooking 2-3 meals a day x 7 days a week. People want to eat out. If you haven’t already, check out options for pick up and delivery.

    • Investigate food to go: delivery apps, curbside service, drive thru & take away. Figure out what is possible in your area.
    • Repackage for multiple orders for family dinners and office lunches with boxed meals.
    • Be findable. People need to know where you are.
    • Post your schedule on Sundays or Mondays on your social channels.

    Invent Your Own 'Happy Meal'

    Creating customer loyalty and keeping people coming back and telling their friends can keep the wheels on the wagon and cover costs. Making customers happy and creating ways to generate return customers are:

    • Introduce a competition online. Winner gets one free meal. Name a new sandwich.
    • Make a weekly deal. Taco of the week. Sandwich of the day.
    • Offer a comeback card with stamps, 5th or 10th visit gets a reward.
    • Sell your specialty ingredients to 'recook' street food at home.

  • Louder & Better Communication 

    The catering and food truck industries have taken particularly hard hit lately. People know the struggles and would like to support your business. Make it easy for customers to find you, follow you, like you, share your ads and build your business.

    • Create eye-popping, bright, colorful social media ads with movement.
    • Use humor. Create quotes or share-worthy memes.
    • Pay to play. Reach a small local audience on social media by boosting a post.
    • Join local Facebook groups and get involved in more community activities.
    • Be visible online, but not just on your own page. Reach out and collaborate.

  • Maintain Quaility of Food & Service

    Online reviews can make or break a food truck. Most good food trucks and trailers continue onreputation, good food and good service. In tough times, it can be tempting to cut corners to save here and there. Here are a few reasons why skipping quality may be damaging:

    • By all means necessary, maintain the quality of your food and service.
    • Good customers seek quality on busy days and slow times.
    • Those who appreciate your efforts on food, service and quality will come back or book your food truck again.

  • Generating Business Online

    FoodTruckBooking is working with food trucks to create, generate and find more business during slow times and busy times. With us, you can add a food truck, find a food truck or book a food truck right now for events coming up in 2021.

    If you have questions about how we work, visit our pages or send an email:


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