Meals & our Habits: Time to Eat!

Posted on 02/03/2022 by Redactie

Breakfast, brunch, aperitif, lunch, coffee and cake, snack, dinner, or supper. What do our meals look like and how do we divide them? Nowadays, many people have a different lifestyle and this leads, for example, to 1 in 4 Americans not having breakfast during the week. In addition, eating out of doors continues to increase according to a study by ICSC. About 64% of Americans eat out of doors at least once a week. Eating breakfast outside the door is also becoming more popular. For example, 1 in 5 Millenials has breakfast outside the home at least once. How can FoodTrucks respond to these developments?


    Brunch is a combination of a late breakfast and an early afternoon meal. The word comes from the English language and consists of breakfast and lunch. Brunch on a late Saturday or Sunday morning is becoming increasingly popular in the States. Is offering brunch perhaps something for your Food Truck?

    Brunch can be as crazy as you can imagine. For example, croissants, sugar bread, gooseberry bread, and sweet cakes can be served with coffee or tea. But brunch can also consist of boiled eggs with avocado and salmon with a fizzy glass of mimosa. A brunch can serve hot and cold dishes and beverages, and as a food truck, you can create your own entire brunch menu.


    Approximately 94% of the American population snacks at least once a week, with over 1 in 4 preferring to snack more often. Food Trucks offer all kinds of different snacks. Think fries or croquettes, but also sweet snacks like pastries or crepes. A good habit for those who can afford to take a break.


    Unlike other countries, supper in the States is rather meager. Whether supper is an outdated tradition of patriotic culture is debatable. We also like to improvise for dinner, and after work, some people treat themselves to something on the go that can be eaten at home. In our fast-paced lifestyle, we take too little time to eat. Why not eat out at a wonderful Food Truck?

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