How to increase the findability of your Food Truck page on Facebook

Posted on 07/06/2021 by Redactie

Let's face it, most of us are not Social Media experts. The changes to the algorithm have created widespread confusion when it comes to understanding how users can read and like the content we post. Social Media is perhaps the most important medium to market your company these days. In this blog, we explain a Social Media platform we use daily: Facebook.


    Facebook has about 130 million users in the US, meaning that Facebook is a huge medium where many potential customers for your Food Truck can be found. Updates posted on Facebook make your readers happy, spark interest and get them to book your FoodTruck. A Facebook page is an ideal platform for a Food Truck owner to keep customers up-to-date about new dishes that appear on the menu, events that you have been to, or events that you will attend in the future.
    Another advantage of a Facebook business page is the extensive statistics page. With these extensive statistics, you can see exactly which content customers find interesting and what kind of content you should post more often.


    It is important that potential customers can find, follow, and like your Facebook page. On Facebook, your findability goes hand in hand with SEO. Have you ever heard of the term Facebook SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a strategy to increase the quality and quantity of “traffic” to your Facebook page. The goal of SEO is to get the most out of searches without having to pay for additional ads.


    1. Name. Your page name is crucial for your findability on Facebook. Of course, when people search for your FoodTruck in the search bar, your page should appear first in the list of results. In addition, the name of your page is your SEO title in Google. Fortunately, Food Trucks have the most original names.
    2. Personal URL. Did you know you can customize your Facebook page URL? To increase your findability you need to match your URL with your brand name: the name of your Food Truck. Your URL will then be easier to remember and will be found faster by search engines.
    3. Fill in the “info” as completely as possible. The “info” page on Facebook can make your findability skyrocket. You must provide an informative text that best reflects your Food Truck. In addition, it is useful to use keywords on which you want to be found. Is your Food Truck often in a permanent place? Make sure you have completed this physical address. Moreover, include links on the info page that point to your website and other social media account.
    4. Share valuable content. Only valuable content improves SEO. The more likes, shares, and comments your content receives, the more valuable the content is for Facebook. By “valuable”, Facebook means whether your content is worth viewing. The more popular your content, the more valuable it is.
    5. Add a profile picture and cover photo. As obvious as this sounds, you'd be surprised how many companies don't have a profile picture or cover photo on their company page. Photos, of course, make you look trustworthy. For a profile photo, it is best to use a simplistic photo or representation of your company. Think of a simple photo or your company's logo. You can use a visually appealing photo as a cover photo. Use a photo or video that grabs your customers' attention.

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