Drinks in FoodTrucks: Good Idea?

Posted on 12/03/2021 by Redactie

Our favorite FoodTrucks can do it all: Mexican, Asian-fusion, exotic-orange, spectacular-XXL, loving-vegetarian... But: why do food trucks so rarely sell drinks? We explain it in this blog. 


    At street food festivals, concerts, or sometimes even at private parties, the organizer likes to bear the cost of setting up drinks himself. The reason is that, compared to the preparation of fresh food, the provision of drinks requires little effort. This reduces the costs for the organizer. In addition, you have control over how many and what alcoholic beverages are sold at the event.


    Including the glass bottle, a liter of gin tonic can weigh 1.7 kg. Drinks are heavy and are not well transported in a Food Truck. Especially if you have an intense work shift ahead of you and you have to take care of the drinks in addition to the grill or oven, it's all too cumbersome for the service. But the problems start before the service: The extra weight also means more transportation costs, more store effort and, above all, more space. Where can you store a good 50 kg of ice in a Food Truck, which is needed for a caipirinha night?


    Still, drinks are not to be missed in the FoodTruck business. For example, are you in the mood for a good party? Then consider using a FoodTruck to sample the most spectacular cocktails or other delicious drinks! Because what makes a party more festive than a beautifully dressed FoodTruck with delicious gin-tonics, exciting cocktails, or specialty beers? We have great trucks on the platform that specializes in drinks and don't just do it as a side job. Think a refreshing smoothie, a good cup of coffee, an ice-cold beer, or a surprising milkshake. On Foodtruckbooking you can find it all.

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