How can Food Trucks come back stronger after the pandemic?

Posted on 11/25/2021 by Redactie

After a very long period of intermittent activity, the economy seems to be slowly getting back on track. Public events are being held again, restaurants are filled, and Food Trucks are back in all their splendor. At Foodtruckbooking we have done some online research and we want to share with you the secrets for a successful return to activity. We have identified three keys that we will explain below: the digitization of orders, direct deliveries, and developing relationships with customers through social networks


    Overnight, the pandemic dictated our way of relating to each other and, by extension, the functioning of the economy. We used to order our favorite dishes over the phone or we would go on the spot to pick up our orders. Those times are over. Many Food Trucks have now decided to make it as easy as possible to accept home delivery orders via specialized apps. In this sense, it is not only a matter of putting the menu online but also of adapting the menu to the nature of the format. If people are going to order their menu at home, the dishes had better travel well and be able to be kept or reheated without any problems. Serving soups, noodles or burritos are just three examples of dishes that are more than well suited to the delivery format.

    In addition, online payment allows you to inform the customer directly of the estimated time of arrival or pickup. This advantage did not exist in pre-digital times, where, if you picked up an order, you had to wait at the door. Don't miss the advantages of digitalization!


    While many Food Trucks have opted to allow order pick-up, others choose to deliver their orders to their customers' homes. It is not that one format is better or worse, but that some flexibility is more than appreciated by the customer. Customers have different preferences and if you adjust to their characteristics, they will end up rewarding you. In addition, the Food Truck, as a mobile vehicle, is flexible by design. Take advantage of the opportunity to go where others cannot...


    This last point is a classic, so it hardly deserves an introduction. Still, you'd be surprised how little Food Trucks cultivate customer relationships via social media. Sharing images online of customers' favorite dishes not only increases their desire for repeat orders but also increases the chances of that desire spreading across networks. A loyal customer is potentially the best marketing strategy to attract another loyal customer. Word of mouth, an ancient technique, also works on networks. Don't neglect your image and start by building loyalty among those who already know you!

    The rest will follow...

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