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Now that we can't go out and do to much things anyway, we might have time to upload pictures of our dishes. These food pics are like selfies: small details contribute to a much better result. We all know that good photos on your profile contribute to the popularity of your food truck. We have listed a few simple tips to make the perfect pictures of your dishes and take your photos to the next level!


    The goal of your food truck profile is to convince people of your food. Therefore, it is important to always focus on your dishes while photographing them. A very hectic background or a full table can be very distracting on the one hand, but on the other hand, it can also serve as a good "eye-catcher". It is important to let your message come forward in the pictures! And if you do choose to photograph your food with a cluttered background, play with depth of field and perspective and make sure your food is always in focus! This way the focus is still on the food


    Match the color accents in your photo to the feel of the dish. For example, a piece of meat with red tones looks better than light blue. A summer dish like a fresh salad is associated with bright colors, while an autumn dish - like a tasty stew - benefits from photos with bold colors like red and brown. In addition, it's helpful if all the photos on your profile are about the same shade of color. A good tip is to use roughly the same filter for each photo!


    Good lighting is key to emphasizing the textures and color balance of your food photographs. Always prefer diffused light. Diffuse light is light that is evenly distributed, avoiding shadows. A lamp with a white umbrella works well to create diffused light. Another trick is to slightly overexpose the photo to make the food look fresher.

    You get the best photos if you let the light come from the back, left, or right.This way you get some back and sidelight and this is ideal for demonstrating the texture of the food.
    If you don't have this equipment, you can of course use daylight. Be careful not to get shadows. Use a reflective screen if necessary. Did you know that you can easily create a DIY reflective screen by using aluminum foil?


    Your photo becomes more exciting when something is happening in it. Movement makes the picture seem more 3D and makes it more of an experience. Pour syrup over a stack of pancakes or pour wine into a glass. The consistency of a cream soup can come across much better in the photo by stirring it.


    Not everyone likes or uses hashtags. But still, it is recommended to use hashtags to increase your findability on Facebook and Instagram. It is recommended to always use the most general hashtags such as #food or #delicious and gradually become more specific. For example, you can start with #Foodtruck and then use hashtags like #VeganFoodtruck or #veganfoodlovers. Additionally, you can also make a hashtag about a specific ingredient of the dish. Usually 10-15 hashtags should be used.


    If you pay attention to details, it is possible to take your photos to the next level! When photographing soup, keep fresh herbs in mind. Fruit or flowers adorn a dessert and a nice dressing or nuts can grace a salad.
    Sometimes you have everything in front of you and the photo succeeds right away. Other times, you may have to think about how to use details to get the best possible photo of a dish. Here are a few examples where great attention was paid to detail:

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