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Founded in 2016 and based in the Netherlands. FoodtruckBooking is a trusted partner to list catering jobs, and book food trucks around Europe. Whether it is catering for a private party, a festival or a business promotion. With our highly efficient website and marketing strategy, we make it easy to match these events with the right food truck operators. FoodtruckBooking promotes a culture of fun, food and new experiences.

We are up and running in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain and made the first steps in the US. Now we are looking for a local manager who can set up shop in the US. Your role will have various tasks that involve a combination of (online) strategic abilities and a sales-driven mentality.

  • Responsibilities:

    • Fine-tuning the rollout strategy, so it is fit for the US market;
    • Create strategic partnerships/ collaborations that contribute to the credibility of the FoodTruckBooking brand in the US;
    • Act as a spokesperson to promote FoodtruckBooking in the (local) media and food truck operators;
    • Managing content creation for socials and FTB platform
    • Collect relevant data of food truck operator
    • Create sales (online - offline)

    As our US manager you will be tasked with driving and improving existing campaigns as well as launching new channels. You are a self-starter that is facilitated by the European office. When your team will grow, you will manage this growth, and participate in the FoodTruckBooking success. Together with Foodtruckbooking Europe you will set a strategy for the coming year.

  • Requirements:

    • Have great self-management skills, you are in control.
    • Strong (online) marketing and sales skills.
    • A lover of numbers! You love to see rates growing.
    • Do you love food trucks and know what is cooking in this business? Then you want to join our team!

  • Foodtruckbooking offers you:

    Monthly salary of $ 2500 (40 hours a week) + sales commission of 50% of all first-year sales. And potential to grow to equity partner of FoodtruckBooking US.

    1. The first contract will have a duration of 6 months.
    2. After a successful 6 months an extension for the same period.
    3. Success after this first year? You will make first steps into an equity partnership.

  • More about Foodtruckbooking

    FoodtruckBooking makes it super easy to book the best food trucks for your next event, launch an experiential marketing promotion, and bring out a rolling rotation of the best food trucks anywhere, anytime. Founded in 2016, and with a network of over 5.000 food trucks. FoodtruckBooking has facilitated over 5million meals, making it one of the fastest-growing catering services in Europe. Our European team has 8 enthusiastic members all with their own market-, and skill focus. We are a flexible group of co-workers that are spread over Europe and work remotely, but we love to inspire each other with cool stuff.

    Now we finished a 10-month pilot in the US, and are looking for the best food truck lover with internet marketing skills that want to join the team and bring FoodtruckBooking US to the next level.

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    Send your resume to: [email protected]

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