Start Your Next Food Adventure

Posted on 08/14/2019 by Redactie

Are you a real foodie? Are you inspired by food innovation or the classics? Do you create en delicious meals for friends and family? And are you looking for a new adventure? Perhaps your own food truck is something for you!

  • Food trucks are extremely popular, wherever you go, rolling kitchens are there. They are now the best catering option for any festival or wedding. And starting a food truck is a lot easier than setting up your own catering business. You are your own boss. You can organise your own time. And you can choose the locations where you want to be. What about:

    • (Food) festivals
    • Weddings
    • Corporate events
    • Campus & workplace parties
    • Private parties

    Start Your Next Food Adventure
  • A wild plan, so what?

    Write down your plans and ideas. Only after you have put them on paper will your plan really take shape and become concrete. Next, write a business plan, which you will probably need in order to get a loan, investments or financing.

    If you're not ready yet, but still in the research phase, then you might want to ask yourself the following questions in order to put your idea into practice:

    • Why do you want your own food truck?
    • What product(s) do you want to sell?
    • Are you handy and can you (re)build your own food truck?
    • How are you going to excel and present yourself?
    • Who are your competitors and how big is the competition?
    • What papers, permits and insurances do you need?
    • How are you going to finance it?

    With a tight plan and a bit of luck, you will soon have your food truck! And FoodtruckBooking will help you get the best cater parties and events!

    A wild plan, so what?
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