New to the World of Catering? Try these 3 Tips!

Posted on 01/13/2022 by FTB

In winter, a lot of Food Truck events are no longer taking place, as the cold weather makes it impossible to enjoy the weather outdoors. It is therefore important to find alternative customers. For example, companies are open all year round and need catering services: what would it be like to meet their demand? Here are three tips to introduce you to the world of catering.

  • ASK

    The first tip is to simply ask companies. Take your client list and call or email them. Ask them if they know companies that need catering services and, if so, if they can recommend you. If they pass you some contacts, call them and see what they say. In general, customers trust the Food Trucks that others recommend.


    Sometimes we think that only companies have enough resources to hire a catering service. However, many clients also like to celebrate events in style: birthdays, weddings, baptisms, promotions, etc. If you offer yourself to your clients, they may consider hiring your service to go, for example, to a restaurant. When talking to them, think about their favorite dishes and adapt the offer to their wishes. If they like croquettes, why not fill the party with croquettes? Again, knock on the door to find out what they want.


    If a potential client is hesitating between hiring your services or not, offer them what defines you, i.e. your food. If you professionally organize a tasting, you are sure to convince them to hire you. By seeing your service in action, customers will have more confidence in the product you are selling them. Besides, your food is already a delicacy.

    Now you know what to do: Knock on the door!

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