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Posted on 12/26/2021 by FTB

We would be lying if we don't wince a little when someone eats a burger or pizza with cutlery. Food Truck food and street food are often quick and small dishes that you can eat with your hands. We discuss some benefits of eating with your hands and some dishes you should definitely consider eating with your hands. 


    We mostly eat with knife and fork, either in the office or at home. Street food is of course original and much finer than the food you can buy in any take-out chain. In addition to salads and soups, our food trucks specialize in food for all kinds of dishes that you can eat with your hands. In some cultures, it is common to eat with your hands. A great example is the Indian culture.Indians place high importance on food, both while preparing it and when eating it. Unlike the Western society, which favors the use of fine utensils, most Indians eat with their hands. There are a few proven benefits to the practice:

    • Improves digestion.The nerve endings in our fingertips alert the brain that we are ready to eat the moment we touch our meal with our fingers. The communication is sent to the stomach, which begins the process of digestion.
    • Engages more senses.Eating with your hands gives your mealtime a tangible depth by activating all of your senses. You can feel the weight, the texture, and the temperature of the dish.
    • Reduces overeating.Eating with your hands may allow you to eat more slowly and thoughtfully, allowing you to feel satisfied with less food and avoiding binge eating and weight gain. It also promotes a sense of satiety or contentment, which is lacking when eating with silverware.
    • Promotes mindful eating. Eating with your hands makes you more aware of your food. Every time you take a bite, you are engaged in the movement, stimulating mindfully eating.
    • Prevents the burning of your tongue.Your hands can also be used as temperature sensors. Your fingertips' nerve endings send a temperature reading to your brain, which prevents you from scorching your tongue.

    So, the next time you want to savor a meal, chuck the cutlery and enjoy the foods with your hands.


    Sweet potato with various sauces, a killer dish! Or fried fish with tartar sauce? In general, anything that can be "dipped" should be eaten with your hands. Let's be honest, eating like this makes your day! Think about potato sticks with cream cheese sauce or cucumber sticks withyogurt sauce, do you want to eat these dishes with cutlery? We definitely don't.


    Many of our food trucks can serve paninis, either with ciabatta or with sandwich brad. The main thing is that the bread is lightly toasted and "crusty". Perhaps freshly melted cheese and an original sauce can make the dish more appetizing.

    Burger fans are well aware that it's all about the grip. They immediately grasp the bottom of the bun with their thumbs and pinkies, while the rest of their fingers grasp the top of the bun to keep the toppings from leaking out.

    Moreover, a good bratwurst, for example, is much more attractive with the right bread. The sandwich has been around since the 18th century (at least officially with the name). So: Pay attention to the bread to maintain the temperature and liven up the bite. The same goes for the wraps, by the way. The name signifies that it is safe to keep in your hands as you enjoy.


    It can be Vietnamese spring rolls or pieces of cheese taken with a grisini. Japanese street food is also easy to eat with your hands or Spanish tapas, for example. Associate finger food with a nice and sociable group!


    Crepes are also a specialty that food trucks offer on our platform. The batter is thin and crispy but keeps the ingredients firm, so we don't have to worry about staining our clothes. Depending on your skill, you can also keep your balance so that the precious rubber bands don't end up on the floor. Fortunately, the crepes are also non-slip!


    We listed many foods that should or could be eaten with your hands. There are a lot more dishes that shouldn't be eaten with cutlery. Think about pizza, tacos, fruits, ribs, chicken wings, etc. It's natural to eat food with our hands. A few thousand years ago nobody ate with a knife and fork. So the next time you eat a delicious dish of one of our Food Trucks, consider eating with your hands!

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