Baby's Badass Burgers

Baby's Badass Burgers

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Baby's offers your guests a unique and entertaining catering experience, excellent service and award winning delicious gourmet burgers. Our bright pink truck and friendly Burger Babes serving your guests all contribute to the "feel good" experience of a Babys event and our amazing burgers always bring a satisfied smile to one's face. All of our gourmet burgers come in a half pound "MANEATER" size that is always a satisfying crowd pleaser OR, a few of our signature burgers are also available as sliders that come in a pair....perfect for a tray-pass event!

Baby's caters everything from corporate functions, residential parties, openings, store launches and productions to weddings, baby showers and kids birthday parties (Yes, we cater children's birthday parties too!). As we have several different trucks, our clients can choose our original "Baby's Badass Burgers" truck OR, our more corporate friendly and kid friendly truck, simply "Baby's Burgers".


We offer several types of packages and will work with you to make sure your catered event is custom tailored to fit all of your event needs. Baby's Badass Burgers is anything but your typical food truck. We provide an experience that your guests will not forget and "badass burgers" that will surely become everyone's favorite!


  • Max. capacity per hour:
    250 servings
  • Average price per person:
    $ 12
  • Operating region:
    Throughout the USA
  • Chamber of Commerce number:
    Not listed

Our crew

Baby's Badass Burgers sprang from the imaginations and experiences of ex-New Yorker restaurateur Erica Cohen (pictured left) and celebrated event planner Lori Barbera (pictured right). Cohen launched her career in the restaurant world as one of the founding partners in the first of The ONE Group’s many restaurants. Cohen, a passionate foodie and burgermeister at heart who had "been searching for the perfect, quintessential cheeseburger since [she] was a little girl," decided that in order to satiate her quest she would have to create her own flawless burger: the Simple Original Beauty on the BBB menu. Cohen is responsible for day to day opeartions, staffing and quality control and also manages and oversees all BBB franchisees.

For her part, Barbera, who has produced dozens of events for celebrities, companies from Comedy Central to Paramount, and shows from Dancing with the Stars to Big Love, has applied her considerable event and catering expertise directly to BBB. She has created a




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Baby's Badass Burgers
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