Dreamy Drinks

Dreamy Drinks

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Dreamy Drinks draws a lot of attention for the beautiful truck and pretty drinks. Some drinks have multiple layers, dramatic colors, some even have edible glitter. How the drinks look like and taste has been the secret potion to this food trucks staying power and flashy showing from fans on social media which get Dreamy Drinks unicorn logo out there.


Raspberry Sparkle
Mango Sparkle
Passion Fruit Sparkle
Lychee Sparkle
Grapefruit Sparkle
Peach Sparkle
Pineapple Sparkle
Mix and Match
Any 2 flavors
Yakult-taste like, and we mix it with different flavors Dairy free+Caffeine free

Strawberry Yogurt
Raspberry Yogurt
Peach Yogurt
Pineapple Yogurt
Lychee Yogurt
Grapefruit Yogurt
Mango Yogurt
Passion Fruit Yogurt
Hot Chocolate
Caffeine Free


  • Max. capacity per hour:
    300 servings
  • Average price per person:
    $ 7.50
  • Operating region:
    Seattle + 150 miles
  • Chamber of Commerce number:
    Not listed




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Dreamy Drinks
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