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Kushari and its cousin Mujadara originate from Egypt and the Fertile Crescent and date back to the 1800s when, at the end of each month, families would cook a mix of the staples left in their pantries. It is a nutritious, protein rich combination of simple pantry staples: spiced lentils and rice, combined with chickpeas and small pasta, all smothered in a tomato sauce that’s been spiked with vinegar topped with savory, crispy thin fried onion rings. We serve numerous variations of Kushari: spicy or mild, vegetarian or with pesto fish or butter chicken.


Zaaki serves middle eastern Koshari (lentils rice/Bulgur, chickpeas, tomato sauce, crispy onion rings), Shawarma Chicken, butter chicken, Hummus, Falafel.
Salads: Fattoush/ Spinach Tabbouleh/Zabadi Yogurt, Wraps: Falafel/Shawarma


  • Max. capacity per hour:
    100 servings
  • Average price per person:
    $ 9
  • Operating region:
    Allston + 50 miles
  • Chamber of Commerce number:
    Not listed


  • Food Service Establishment Permit
  • Business License / Vendor License
  • Vehicle License
  • Food Handler's Permit
  • Health Department Permit
  • Fire Certificates


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Zaaki llc
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