Thai Street Food

Thai Street Food

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To find good Thai food in a place like Austin would be a miracle. And really, that's what Thai Street Food is all about. This food truck is importing tradition from Asia. Which, considering the distance traveled. And we haven't even started talking about the food yet.

Locals in Austin are being treated to Thai food that reinvents expectations and raises the bar on the level of quality you'd find at any other food truck. It's rare to find dishes that are as true to form as they are delicious, but Miracle Thai is the miraculous exception to the rule. Here, you're getting all the exotic flavor from spices imported from Thailand, including the quintessential pad thai and pad see-ew and green and red curry. Each is made using only the freshest ingredients, hot off the wok and served right to you. Out of the window of a food truck, no less. So if you find yourself Thai'd up at work with no respite, break free at lunch and find Miracle Thai on the streets of Austin and beyond. Better yet, invite 'em to cater your next event. After all, they're out to grant foodie wishes, which is extraordinary to say the least.


  • Max. capacity per hour:
    350 servings
  • Average price per person:
    $ 8
  • Required facilities at location:
    Water, Power
  • Operating region:
    Austin + 200 miles
  • Chamber of Commerce number:
    Not listed


  • Food Service Establishment Permit
  • Business License / Vendor License
  • Vehicle License
  • Seller's Permit
  • Food Handler's Permit
  • Health Department Permit
  • Fire Certificates


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Thai Street Food
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