The Saucy Hibachi

The Saucy Hibachi

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I have never enjoyed my work as much as I did as a Teppanyaki Chef. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to cultivate my craft in such a challenging, fast paced, and exhilarating environment... its an experience I will always relish. Recreating that environment for the next generation of aspiring Chefs will always be at the heart of what we do here.
Yet even as a young Chef there was something that always troubled me. Which was how inaccessible Japanese Cuisine was and still is to the majority of Americans. In Japan, hibachi or teppanyaki, is often sold by street vendors to passerby’s on their way home from work, or to the grocery store, or just out with friends for after hour drinks. However, here in America Japanese cuisine is primarily sold in expensive and upscale restaurants.
My solution is to bring that same cuisine and energetic atmosphere you experience at your favorite Hibachi Steakhouse back to where it belongs... the streets.
Adrick Tran Founder / Manager of General Things The Saucy Hibachi


  • Max. capacity per hour:
    150 servings
  • Average price per person:
    $ 12.50
  • Operating region:
    Austin St Truck Stop + 50 miles
  • Chamber of Commerce number:
    Not listed


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The Saucy Hibachi
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