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What is a food truck?

A food truck is a restaurant on wheels where dishes, snacks or drinks are prepared and sold. Other terms that are used to describe these mobile hospitality facilities include: "kitchen on wheels", "rolling kitchen", "mobile kitchen" or "rolling restaurant". Food trucks were originally found on the streets. However, nowadays you can book these rolling kitchens to cater your event, corporate party, wedding or even at your home.

Passionate chefs use these kitchens on wheels to serve culinary snacks and drinks on location. Most food trucks have a very creative theme. In recent years, food trucks - similar to pop-up restaurants - have increasingly started offering "gourmet cuisine", which basically means: Dishes or meals characterized by refined flavors and beautiful presentation. There are also still "ordinary" food trucks that sell hamburgers, pizza, pasta, barbecue ribs and wraps.

  • And trending: vegetarian and organic dishes. What they all have in common is that most food truckers prepare their dishes with passion and care and want their customers to enjoy delicious food and drinks.

    At you can compare food trucks from the Netherlands and Belgium according to price, region, reviews and style of cooking.

    What is a food truck?
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