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What does it cost to rent a food truck?

What a great idea to have a food truck cater your event! But what does is cost to hire a food truck? FoodtruckBooking can give you a good indication. The owner of a food truck will charge certain costs, depending on the type of event. Calculations will be based on the number of guests, the number of servings and your wishes. So it will always be a custom quotation. But what can you expect?

Food trucks do not prepare frozen pizzas from the super market. When you hire a food truck for catering your event, you will receive dishes prepared using carefully selected ingredients. Please take this into consideration when determining your budget.

  • Average price off food truck catering

    An indication of the costs is provided on all profile pages of the food truck that you have selected. The price is shown at"price per person". This will give you a good idea of the cost for your event, based on the number of guests.

    Take into consideration that the food trucker can always ask for a minimum number of visitors/guests for them to operate at a profit, which will result in a minimum purchase sum. Prices vary significantly. This depends on the food truck, the desired menu, the number of guests, travel time and date.

    Cost indication for a food truck for your events
    The price for renting a food truck starts at around $500 excluding VAT and obviously depends on the number of visitors/guests that you want to serve.
    These costs consist of:

    • The dishes (price per serving x the number of people)
    • Labor / preparation time
    • Travel expenses

    Average price off food truck catering
  • A good rule of thumb is that a single food truck wants to serve at least 60 to 100 guests per hour. And of course it is possible to buy exclusive use of a food truck for a certain price. By asking for a non-binding quotation, you can determine with the owner of the food truck what you want to spend on costs.

    If you want who want to invite several food trucks to an event often ask for reimbursement, registration fees and/or a percentage of the revenue. Each food truck owner will make his/her own decision based on the potential profitability of the event

    What does it cost to rent a food truck?
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