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Rent a food truck without staff

Do you dream of running your own food truck? Or do you have a corporate event for which you would like to use a food truck with your own brand name and staff? makes this possible. You can rent a food truck from us in which you can prepare your own dishes.

These fantastic oldtimers have been lovingly restored and contain all the modern conveniences and functionalities that you could possibly need. And of course these food trucks meet all HACCP (hygiene) standards; guaranteed to be safe, hygienic and of high quality. These kitchens on wheels contain a fully-equipped kitchen with stainless steel work top, refrigerators and plenty of work space.

Do you need more than just a kitchen? Then you can rent extra equipment, such as a contact grill, deep-fat fryer, frying and grilling griddles, sidewalk signs, garbage bin, etc.

You can rent one of these fantastic Classic Food Trucks from us of as little as € 300 per day!

  • Branding

    You can cover our food truck in your own branding/corporate identity. This can be done very simply by attaching magnetic plates, or you can have the entire truck Car-wrapped. Car-wrapping completely transforms the Food Truck to match your corporate identity. Would you like to make use of this option? Please mention this in your request.

    Road Trip
    A road trip is an adventure: the freedom to go wherever you want. Our food trucks make this possible! Do you want to visit various locations with the Food Truck? We can arrange this!

    Your own food truck; something to get excited about! Book well in advance or reserve an option for a date.
    Complete the contact form below and you will receive a specified quotation within one day.

  • Food Truck Prices, Facilities & Accessories

    Food truck rental including one component€ 300,-€ 1750,-€ 3000,-
    Final cleaning (normal use)€ 150,-€ 150,-€ 150,-
    Branding (adding a logo and name)Based on quotation--

  • Prices are excluding VAT
    Prices include full vehicle damage insurance.
    Per extra kitchen component (e.g. deep-fat fryer, contact grill or frying griddle): Surcharge € 50
    Deductible excess for damage: € 750 per incident
    mileage allowance: first 100 miles free, followed by a rate of € 0.75/ km

    Rent a food truck without staff
  • Food Truck Dimensions and Facilities


    • Length 4.75 metres.
    • Width 2.00 m., with sales hatch 2.75 m.
    • Height 2.45 m / standing height approx. 1.85 m can be extended to +2.15 with sunroof.


    • 1.830 kg

    Cold running water from a 15 litre storage tank.

    Food Truck Dimensions and Facilities
  • Facilities

    • Driver and passenger seat;
    • Wide food counter with a stainless steel work top measuring approx. 40 cm on the inside;
    • LED interior lighting, adjustable in various colors;
    • Plenty of dry storage space under the work top;
    • Stainless steel work top measuring 60 cm in width;
    • Lockable back doors;
    • Fully covered in Wonderboard wall covering as required by HACCP.


    • High-quality refrigerator with two glass sliding doors and lighting, 140 litres;
    • A high-quality contact grill for quick preparation of grilled cheese and panini;
    • Electrical frying griddle for cooking hamburgers;
    • Professional electrical deep-fat fryer with drainage tap, 8 litres;
    • Digital presentation screen, for example for presenting your products.

    Rent a food truck without staff
  • Rent a food truck without staff
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