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You are now the proud owner of your own food truck page on FoodtruckBooking. Your adventure continues here. Together we will ensure that you receive even more cool assignments. We will inform great customers about your food truck. Your job is to create a beautiful profile page. It isn't difficult, but we are happy to give you some tips. This will ensure more frequent rental of your food truck.

  • Photography

    A picture says more than 1000 words. Good photos are half the job done. Almost everyone is attracted to beautiful photos. Your first profile photo will make people want to click on your profile or not.

    A few tips for great photos:

    1. What should you put on the photo? Of course the main subject of the photo is your food truck. But don't forget the delicious dishes. Get the right angle and have a good mix of close-ups and details.
    2. The right decorations are important. Include this in the photo too. Find your inspiration on Pinterest.
    3. Ensure that there is enough light. Any good photo needs enough light. Preferably use daylight instead of flashlight.
    4. Use a good camera. The newest smart phones can take great photos, or you may have a good camera that you use during your vacations.
    5. Have you found the right setting? Photograph your food truck in a beautiful environment. Not in a warehouse or garage.

  • Great introduction

    You have taken the first step! You have some great photos. Now people are going to read what you have to say about your food truck. The text on your profile page will give the final nudge. Tell the reader about the story behind the food truck. The concept, the inspiration for your dishes, etc. Here is some inspiration to help you get started:

    • What is the reason that you started running a food truck?
    • What is the inspiration behind your dishes?
    • Where do your ingredients come from, how do you select the best ingredients;
    • What will your food truck add to an event?
    • Say something about your staff, what makes them great?
    • The saying is "going Dutch" for a reason. Dutch people always want to know what something costs. Of course every job is unique, but give a clear indication of the price.

    You do not have to write a novel. Around 250 words should be enough. It is important to use the right words for our search function. At the very least, you should use your own food truck name and several of your dishes.

    Great introduction
  • You are the professional

    The text in your profile shows that you take the food truck way of life seriously. You are the best person for the job. To reinforce this message, it is important that you show that you have the correct paperwork too. On your profile page, you should indicate which certificates you have obtained/courses you have completed.

    The opinions of other customers are also important. You should collect reviews from other customers at events where you have delivered the tastiest dishes and a cool vibe. Good reviews are more likely to convince a potential customer!

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